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Multiplatform Promotion

We drive real streams 📈 to your music on Spotify, YouTube & SoundCloud using hyper-targeted 🎯 ad placements. Get your projects discovered by potential fans! Hire our agency to run your targeted, bundled music marketing campaigns and get heard on multiple platforms.

We're a passionate, committed team of A&Rs and digital music marketing experts with 12+ years of music marketing experience based in Los Angeles, California 🌴 that have promoted projects for thousands of independent artists like you in 100+ countries 🌎, and have figured out a winning formula 🏆 to drive traffic to your music on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube, and get people to really stream it.

Major Record Labels

Major record labels and music managers trust us, and there’s even other marketing agencies that can’t run their own music marketing campaigns so they hire us to do it for them and then take the credit for it. 🙌

Sometimes our help is all you’ll need to get your music some traction on Spotify, and that’s something that we’re excited to do for our clients.

Description of Campaigns

*Please note that campaign targets will be spread out amongst all tracks submitted.

Type Specifications

1-track maximum, 175k+ ad impressions.

  • 12,000 +/- Spotify streams
  • 5,000 +/- YouTube views
  • 50,000 +/- SoundCloud plays.

2-tracks maximum, 700k+ ad impressions.

  • 50,000 +/- Spotify streams 
  • 12,000 +/- YouTube views
  • 150,000 +/- SoundCloud plays

4-tracks maximum, 1.4+ million ad impressions.

  • 100,000 +/- Spotify streams
  • 25,000 +/- YouTube views
  • 250,000 +/- SoundCloud plays

12-tracks maximum, 4.2+ million ad impressions.

  • 300,000 +/- Spotify streams
  • 100,000 +/- YouTube views 
  • 1,000,000 +/- SoundCloud plays Real Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube Streams Push Traffic Notification Music Marketing Promotion

Let’s get specific on how we run campaigns to get your music streamed:

🔎 THE ANALYSIS: When your track arrives at our inboxes, it gets assigned to a campaign manager that analyzes it for a variety of factors such as mood, genre, rhythm, likeness, and other variables to help them define the DNA of the track.

🖍️ THE DESIGN: Our in-house designers then get busy creating a few ad banner creatives that we use to promote the project that you sent us.

💸 THE BUDGET: At this point, we decide how much and where to spend the funds available to advertise your music. Our marketers handle all the conversion optimizations such as cost-per-click, CPM, and bidding strategies.

📈 THE CAMPAIGN: We serve your push notification ad millions of times to engaged music lovers, and when they click on your ad, they’re offered an incentive to stream your music in exchange for a freebie such as a game, in-app download, a PDF, etc. This is called a social gate. You get real streams, while listeners get free access to interactive content. A win-win situation!

    Let us promote your project, see results within 5 business days and earn 💰 royalties from your Spotify streams! (Generally, you will earn ~$4.80 USD per 1,000 streams.)

    *Please note that your order WILL be severely delayed if you submit an incorrect URL. Our campaign managers will reach out by email to request an updated URL, or you may do so yourself by sending the updated URLs to or replying to your order confirmation email.

    Have additional questions? Check out our FAQs section here.

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