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We drive real followers 📈 to your artist profile on Spotify using hyper-targeted 🎯 ad placements (scroll to see examples below).

We’re, a five-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ digital music marketing agency located in Los Angeles, CA, USA. We’ve been in business for over 7 years, and our team of A&Rs, digital strategists and analysts have over 12 years of marketing experience combined. We’ve helped 800+ signed and independent artists across the globe get traction for their projects, as well as market the projects for artists currently signed in over 10 of the top global record labels.


How Campaigns Work:

  • We acquire real targeted Spotify followers by running leaderboard ad campaigns across various music niche media blogs and sites.
  • Users click the ads and follow you in exchange for incentives such as game unlocks, digital tokens, free apps, giveaways and many other digital incentives that we offer via our networks.
  • For all of our campaigns, we aim to reach a 2% target conversion rate. This means that for every 500+ followers we acquire for you, we show your ad to at least 25,000 users across these networks.
  • In the case that we cannot acquire enough targeted followers in your chosen territory, we will run the remainder of your campaign in USA territories in order to complete your campaign.

Leaderboard Ad Type:


Delivery time-frames:

  • Passive strategy requires approximately 5 days to set up
  • Aggressive strategy requires approximately 1 day to set up
  • You will receive approximately 50 to 100 followers per day from running these campaigns.

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